Public Holiday Info is a tailored made calendar exclusively for public holiday, bank holiday and off-work day for almost all countries and territories that you can name it.

Travel and vacation abroad is a trend with the increasing of desire and needs for work balance. Existence of internet contribute growing number of traveler, this expect continue growing several years ahead as globalization of business and border-less due to internet.

For vacation traveler, for sure you wish to avoid peak season (the season when travel is most active and rates are highest) at destination country, here is good source for you to do your homework.

Public Holiday is also an off day for most of private and public sector at your destination. Public Holiday Info is valuable resource for business traveler to plan efficient meetings and maximize return from the trip.

Furthermore, we do have link to explain historical celebration for most of holiday. Historical public holiday is usually meaningful to local society, which is a good knowledge for us to know culture and celebration for races and religious in geographical area. Public Holiday Info is here to increase diversity awareness. The vast world of the past has yielded to the global village of today.

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