South Africa Day of Goodwill

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When is Day of Goodwill
The Day of Goodwill is celebrated on 26 December.

History of Day of Goodwill
The Day of Goodwill is a South African holiday that allows many people to give back to society after the Christmas holiday.

Prior to 1994, this holiday was known as Boxing Day. The Day of Goodwill is celebrated on December 26. It is the third public holiday that is celebrated in the month of December. Unlike many of South Africa’s other holidays, the Day of Goodwill is a simple holiday for compassion and relaxation. There are only a few festivals and public events that are celebrated on December 26 in South Africa.

In 1994, South Africa’s new government replaced Boxing Day with the Day of Goodwill. While the holiday’s traditions did not change, the change was quite symbolic. Many South African officials viewed the creation of the Day of Goodwill as an indicator that South Africa was finally independent.

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