North Korea Public Holidays

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A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year. This page contains public holidays sorted by years. Holiday dates may be change from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates. Scroll down to view the national holidays and short description of each holiday.
  • North Korea National Holidays are published each year by their leader thru Korean Central News Agency.
  • This country has very strict closed door policy and Official Public Holidays info can only obtain from the state-run news agency.
  • As North Korea restrict on Internet access, all legal documents, constitution or labour laws is strictly forbidden by anyone outside the country.
  • Most of Public Holidays in North Korea are based on Korean traditional holidays and also reference to the government and leaders, religious holidays are not celebrate in North Korea.
  • The Day of the Sun, the birthday of the founder and first leader Kim Il-sung, on 15 April is the most important holiday in the country.

1 JanSunNew Year's Day - Celebrates the opening of the Gregorian New Year
28 JanSatSeollal Holiday - Korean New Year, based on the Korean calendar.
11 FebSatThe 15th of the first month by the lunar calendar / Cheongwoldaeboreum - celebrates the first full moon of the new year of the lunar Korean calendar which is the Korean version of the First Full Moon Festival
16 FebThursDay of the Shining Star (Birth date of Kim Jong-II) - Birth anniversary of the country's second leader, Kim Jong-il
8 MarWedIntentional Women's Day - Celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements
4 AprTueChungmyung Day - Commemoration of ‘Hansik’, the 105th day after the winter solstice and historically commemorated in Chinese custom, and partly at exemplifying the open heartedness of Kim Jong Eun
15 AprSatDay of the Sun (Birth date of Kim II-Sung) - Birth anniversary of Kim Il-Sung, founder and president of North Korea
25 AprTueChosun People's Army Foundation Day - The 'Military Foundation Day' was changed from 8 February to 25 April , this is the nominal day of establishment of this army in 1932
1 MayMonLabour Day - Celebrates the economic and social achievements of workers.
6 JunTueChosun Children's Union Foundation Day - Marking the 1946 foundation of the Korean Children's Union
19 JunMonAnniversary of Kim Jong Il's commencement of work in the Workers' Party Central Committee - Marks Kim Jong-il's 1964 graduation from Kim Il-sung University and start of work in the party organization
27 JulThursDay of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War - End of the Korean War in 1953
15 AugTueLiberation Day - Established after the liberation of Korea in 1945
25 AugFriDay of Songun - commemorating Kim Jong-il's inspection visit to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Armored Division of the Korean People's Army on August 25, 1960, which is always regarded as the "start of the Songun revolutionary leadership" by the North Korean government
9 SeptSatNational Day - Independence in 1948 under the leadership of Kim Il-sung. Thus Independence Day in North Korea is celebrated on 9th September every year, marking the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), and its liberation from the Soviet occupation
4 OctWedHan'gawi Holiday - Based on the Korean calendar. Is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon
10 OctTueParty Foundation Day - Founding of the Workers' Party of Korea in 1945
16 NovThursMother's Day - A new holiday from 2012 onward honoring all mothers
27 DecWedConstitution Day - Enactment of the Constitution of North Korea in 1998

1 JanMonNew Year's Day
16 FebFriSeollal Holiday
16 FebFriBirth date of Kim Jong-II / Day of the Shining Star
2 MarFriThe 15th of the first month by the lunar calendar / Cheongwoldaeboreum
8 MarThursIntentional Women's Day
5 AprThursChungmyung Day
15 AprSunBirth date of Kim II-Sung / Day of the Sun
25 AprWedChosun People's Army Foundation Day
1 MayTueLabor Day
6 JunWedChosun Children's Union Foundation Day
19 JunTueThe great leader Comrade King Jong II started work at the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Korea
27 JulFriDay of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War
15 AugWedLiberation Day
25 AugSatDay of Songun
9 SeptSunNational Day
24 SeptMonChuseok
10 OctWedParty Foundation Day
16 NovFriMother's Day
27 DecThursConstitution Day

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