New Zealand Public Holidays

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A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year. This page contains public holidays sorted by years. Holiday dates may be change from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates. Scroll down to view the national holidays and short description of each holiday.
  • New Zealand is an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses, the North Island and the South Island
  • New Zealand have 2 types of national public holiday, “Mondayised” and Not “Mondayised”
  • If holiday fall on a weekend (Saturday) that employee does not normally work then the holiday is transferred to the following Monday or Tuesday, this holiday is “Mondayised
  • If employees work on a public holiday, they entitled for 1.5 of their usual hourly rate and given another replacement holiday
  • If the employee would normally work on Saturday then it remains a traditional holiday and the employee is entitled to that day off on Saturday with pay, holiday not moving to following Monday, this holiday is “Not Mondayised”
  • The Holidays Act 1981 specifies each locality observing a Provincial Anniversary Day to celebrate the founding days or landing days of the first colonists of the various colonial provinces.
  • National holidays are regulated under New Zealand Holiday Act 2003.


1 JanSunNew Year's Day - First day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar
2 JanMonDay after New Year's Day
3 JanTueNew Year's Day (in lieu)
23 JanMonWellington Anniversary Day - commemorates the arrival of the first settler ship to New Zealand on 22 January 1840. Monday nearest to 22 January. Wellington Province only.
30 JanMonAuckland Anniversary Day - Observed in the northern half of the North Island of New Zealand, being the area's provincial anniversary day. Monday nearest to January 29. Auckland only.
30 JanMonNelson Anniversary Day - Commemorates the arrival of the first New Zealand Company boat to Nelson on 1 February, 1842. Monday nearest to February 1. Nelson only
6 FebMonWaitangi Day (National Day) - Celebrate the signing of the treaty, New Zealand's founding document, on that date in 1840
13 MarMonTaranaki Anniversary Day (New Plymouth) - Commemorates the creation of the Taranaki province. Originally known as the New Plymouth province, it was later renamed to Taranaki. Second Monday in March to avoid Easter. Taranaki only.
20 MarMonOtago Anniversary Day - Commemorates the arrival of the first of two sailing ships of the Lay Association of the Free Church of Scotland that brought with it new settlers. Monday nearest to 23 March. Otago only.
14 AprFriGood Friday - Commemorate the day that Jesus was crucified
17 AprMonEaster Monday (Monday after Easter Sunday. Celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ on Good Friday)
18 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day - Observed on Easter Tuesday. Commemorates the split of Southland from the province of Otago on 1 April 1861. Southland only.
25 AprTueANZAC Day - Marks the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915, which was Australia and New Zealand's first major military battle fought during World War I
14 MaySunMother's Day - Is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the sacrifices and accomplishments of mothers. 2nd Sunday in May, Not a public holiday
5 JunMonQueen's Birthday - Celebrate the Queen's Birthday on the first Monday of June each year
3 SeptSunFather's Day - Is the day to recognize, honor and celebrate the sacrifices and accomplishments of fathers. 1st Sunday in September, not a public holiday
25 SeptMonDominion Day - Commemorates 26 September 1907, when New Zealand was granted Dominion status within the British Empire. Fourth Monday in September. South Canterbury only.
20 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day - Friday before Labour Day. Commemorates the separation of Hawke's Bay province on 1 November 1958, Hawke's Bay province split from Wellington and formed its own province. Hawke's Bay only.
23 OctMonLabour Day (Celebrates the achievements of workers and their struggle for an 8-hour work day. The fourth Monday in October)
30 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day (First Monday after Labour Day. Marlborough only)
17 NovFriChristchurch Show Day (Canterbury Anniversary Day. Canterbury only. Second Friday after the first Tuesday in November)
27 NovMonChatham Islands Anniversary Day (Monday nearest to November 30)
4 DecMonWestland Anniversary Day - Commemorates the split of Westland from the province of Canterbury on 1 December 1873. Monday nearest to December 1 - Greymouth
25 DecMonChristmas Day - Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ
26 DecTueBoxing Day - To remember the old practice of giving boxes on the day after Christmas

1 JanWedNew Year's Day
2 JanThursDay after New Year's Day
20 JanMonWellington Anniversary Day
27 JanMonAuckland Anniversary Day
3 FebMonNelson Anniversary Day
6 FebThursWaitangi Day
10 MarMonTaranaki Anniversary Day
24 MarMonOtago Anniversary Day
18 AprFriGood Friday
21 AprMonEaster Monday
22 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day
25 AprFriANZAC Day
2 JunMonQueen's Birthday
22 SeptMonCanterbury (South) Anniversary Day
24 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
27 OctMonLabour Day
3 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
14 NovFriCanterbury Anniversary Day
1 DecMonChatham Islands
1 DecMonWestland Anniversary Day
25 DecThursChristmas Day
26ecFriBoxing Day

1 JanThursNew Year's Day
2 JanFriDay after New Year's Day
19 JanMonWellington Anniversary Day
26 JanMonAuckland Anniversary Day
2 FebMonNelson Anniversary Day
6 FebFriWaitangi Day
9 MarMonTaranaki Anniversary Day
23 MarMonOtago Anniversary Day
3 AprFriGood Friday
6 AprMonEaster Monday
7 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day
25 AprSatANZAC Day
1 JunMonQueen's Birthday
28 SeptMonCanterbury (South) Anniversary Day
23 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
26 OctMonLabour Day
2 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
13 NovFriCanterbury Anniversary Day
30 NovMonChatham Islands
30 NovMonWestland Anniversary Day
25 DecFriChristmas Day
28 DecMonBoxing Day

1 JanFriNew Year's Day
4 JanMonDay after New Year's Day
25 JanMonWellington Anniversary Day
1 FebMonAuckland Anniversary Day
1 FebMonNelson Anniversary Day
8 FebSatWaitangi Day
14 MarMonTaranaki Anniversary Day
21 MarMonOtago Anniversary Day
25 MarFriGood Friday
28 MarMonEaster Monday
29 MarTueSouthland Anniversary Day
25 AprSatANZAC Day
6 JunMonQueen's Birthday
26 SeptMonCanterbury (South) Anniversary Day
21 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
24 OctMonLabour Day
31 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
11 NovFriCanterbury Anniversary Day
28 NovMonChatham Islands
28 NovMonWestland Anniversary Day
25 DecSunChristmas Day
26 DecMonBoxing Day
27 DecTueChristmas Day - Observed

1 JanMonNew Year's Day
2 JanTueDay after New Year's Day
22 JanMonWellington Anniversary Day (Monday closest to 22 January)
29 JanMonAuckland Anniversary Day (Monday nearest to January 29)
29 JanMonNelson Anniversary Day (Monday nearest to February 1)
9 FebFriWaitangi Day (National Day)
12 MarMonTaranaki Anniversary Day (Second Monday in March to avoid Easter)
26 MarMonOtago Anniversary Day (Monday nearest to the actual day)
30 MarFriGood Friday (The Friday before Easter Sunday)
2 AprMonEaster Monday (Monday after Easter Sunday)
3 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day (Observed on Easter Tuesday)
25 AprWedANZAC Day
13 MaySunMother's Day (2nd Sunday in May, Not a public holiday)
4 JunMonQueen's Birthday (The first Monday in June)
2 SeptSunFather's Day (1st Sunday in September, not a public holiday)
24 SeptMonDominion Day (Fourth Monday in September)
19 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day (Friday before Labour Day)
22 OctMonLabour Day (The fourth Monday in October)
29 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day (First Monday after Labour Day)
16 NovFriChristchurch Show Day (Northern and Central Canterbury. Second Friday after the first Tuesday in November)
3 DecMonChatham Islands Anniversary Day (Monday nearest to November 30)
3 DecMonWestland Anniversary Day (Monday nearest to December 1 - Greymouth)
25 DecTueChristmas Day
26 DecWedBoxing Day

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