Myanmar Public Holidays

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A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year. This page contains public holidays sorted by years. Holiday dates may be change from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates. Scroll down to view the national holidays and short description of each holiday.
  • Public holidays in Myanmar regulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Myanmar’s The Leave and Holidays Act, 1951 (No. 58), regulates the entitlement of leave and holidays in Myanmar
  • Even though Myanmar obverses around 21 Public Holidays per year, entitlement of paid day off still referring to terms and condition in employment contract.
  • Buddhism in Myanmar is predominantly of the Theravada tradition, practiced by more than 85% of the country’s population.
  • Buddhist festivals are declared according to local astronomical observations and it is not possible to forecast the date of their occurrence exactly.
  • Most celebrated holidays in Myanmar are Independence Day, Union Day, Peasants’ Day, Armed Forces Day, May Day and Christmas.

4 JanWedIndependence Day - Marks independence from British Empire in 1948 and became an independent republic
12 FebSunUnion Day - Marks the date in 1947 when the Panglong Agreement was signed and passed and Burma became a unified country
2 MarThursPeasants' Day (Taungthu lèthama nei) - Marks the military coup of 1962, when General Ne Win came to power. Also known as Farmers' Day, mark and honour the contribution of agriculture and farming to Myanmar.
12 MarSunFull Moon of Tabaung - Tabaung is the last month of the year in the Burmese calendar. Marked as pagoda festivals with the largest celebration taking place at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangdon
27 MarMonArmed Forces Day - Formerly Resistance Day. Officially known as the Tatmadaw Day. Commemorate the beginning of the Burmese National Army’s resistance to Japanese occupation in 1945
12 AprWedMyanmar New Year - Eve of the Water Festival
13 AprThursThingyan Festival (Water festival) - Maha Thingyan allows people to celebrate the Burmese New Year, usually celebrated over three days beginning on 13th April. Maha Thingyan is a time for happiness and friendly attitudes. Thingyan is the most important and the biggest festival in Myanmar. Formerly the dates of Thingyan would have been based on the Burma lunisolar calendar, but the dates have now been fixed on 13 April.
14 AprFriThingyan Festival (Water festival)
15 AprSatThingyan Festival (Water festival)
16 AprSunThingyan Festival (Water festival)
17 AprMonMyanmar New Year's Day
18 AprTueMyanmar New Year Holidays
19 AprWedMyanmar New Year Holidays
20 AprThursMyanmar New Year Holidays
21 AprFriMyanmar New Year Holidays
1 MayMonLabour Day - Annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers
10 MayWedFull Moon of Kasong - Also known as Vesak Day. Commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha in the Theravada or southern tradition
8 JulSatStart of Buddhist Lent - Also known as Vassa. Is the 3 months annual retreat observed by the practitioners of Theravada Buddhism. The first day of Vassa
19 JulWedMartyr's Day - Commemorates the assassination of Aung San and several other cabinet members in 1947
5 OctThursFull Moon Day of Thadingyut - End of Buddhist Lent. Lighting Festival of Myanmar. Celebrates the descent of Buddha from heaven after he preached the Abidhama (the most difficult of Buddhist teaching) to his mother reborn in heaven
3 NovFriFull Moon of Tazaungmone - Tazaungdaing festival, also known as the Festival of Lights, is held on the full moon day of Tazaungmone, the 8th month of the Myanmar Calendar. Celebrated as a national holiday in Myanamr and marks the end of the rainy season
13 NovMonNational Day - Anniversary of the first university students strike in 1920. 10th day following the full moon of the month of Tazaungmone
18 DecMonKayin New Year Day - First day of the month of Payathoe. Kayin is the third largest of Myanmar’s many ethnic groups, approximately seven millions.
25 DecMonChristmas Day - Christian celebrate the birth of Christ

4 JanSunIndependence Day
12 FebThursUnion Day
2 MarMonPeasants' Day
4 MarWedFull Moon Day of Tabaung
27 MarFriArmed Forces Day (Tatmadaw Day)
12 AprSunThingyan Holiday (Eve of the Water Festival)
13 AprMonThingyan (Water festival)
14 AprTueThingyan Holiday
15 AprWedThingyan Holiday
16 AprThursThingyan Holiday
17 AprFriBurmese New Year's Day
18 AprSatBurmese New Year Holiday
19 AprSunBurmese New Year Holiday
20 AprMonBurmese New Year Holiday
21 AprTueBurmese New Year Holiday
1 MayFriLabour Day (May Day)
2 MaySatFull Moon Day of Kasong (Vesak Day)
19 JulSunMartyr's Day
31 JulFriFull Moon Day of Waso (Dhammasetkya Day. Beginning of Buddhist Lent)
28 OctWedFull Moon Day of Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent)
26 NovThursFull Moon of Tazaungmone
6 DecSunNational Day (10th day following the full moon of the month of Tazaungmone)
25 DecFriChristmas Day

4 JanMonIndependence Day
10 JanSunKayin New Year Day (1st day of the month of Pyathoe)
12 FebFriUnion Day
2 MarWedPeasants' Day
23 MarWedFull Moon Day of Tabaung
27 MarSunArmed Forces Day (Tatmadaw Day)
11 AprMonPublic Holiday (Bridge holiday before the long holiday)
12 AprTueThingyan Holiday (Eve of the Water Festival)
13 AprWedThingyan (Water festival)
14 AprThursThingyan Holiday
15 AprFriThingyan Holiday
16 AprSatThingyan Holiday
17 AprSunBurmese New Year's Day
18 AprMonBurmese New Year Holiday
19 AprTueBurmese New Year Holiday
20 AprWedBurmese New Year Holiday
1 MaySunLabour Day (May Day)
21 MaySatFull Moon Day of Kasong (Vesak Day)
19 JulTueFull Moon Day of Waso (Dhammasetkya Day. Beginning of Buddhist Lent)
19 JulTueMartyr's Day
16 OctSunFull Moon Day of Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent)
14 NovMonFull Moon of Tazaungmone
24 NovThursNational Day (10th day following the full moon of the month of Tazaungmone)
25 DecSunChristmas Day
29 DecThursKayin New Year Day (1st day of the month of Pyathoe)

4 JanThursIndependence Day
12 FebMonUnion Day
2 MarFriPeasants' Day
27 MarTueArmed Forces Day (Tatmadaw Day)
31 MarSatFull Moon Day of Tabaung
12 AprThursThingyan Holiday (Eve of the Water Festival)
13 AprFriThingyan (Water festival)
14 AprSatThingyan Holiday
15 AprSunThingyan Holiday
16 AprMonThingyan Holiday
17 AprTueBurmese New Year's Day
18 AprWedBurmese New Year Holiday
19 AprThursBurmese New Year Holiday
20 AprFriBurmese New Year Holiday
1 MayTueLabour Day (May Day)
29 MayTueFull Moon Day of Kasong (Vesak Day)
19 JulThursMartyr's Day
27 JulFriFull Moon Day of Waso (Dhammasetkya Day. Beginning of Buddhist Lent)
24 OctWedFull Moon Day of Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent)
23 NovFriFull Moon of Tazaungmone
24 NovSatNational Day (10th day following the full moon of the month of Tazaungmone)
25 DecTueChristmas Day

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