Moldova Public Holidays

Whether you are a local searching for a short break or an international traveler, Public Holiday Info Portal is here to help you start planning your vacation

A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year. This page contains public holidays sorted by years. Holiday dates may be change from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates. Scroll down to view the national holidays and short description of each holiday.

1 JanSunNew Year's Day - First day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar
7 JanSatOrthodox Christmas Day (Craciun pe Rit Vechi) - Celebrate the birth of Christ
8 JanSunOrthodox Christmas Holiday
8 MarWedInternational Women's Day - Commemorates the movement for women's rights
16 AprSunOrthodox Easter Day - Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead|
17 AprMonOrthodox Easter Monday
1 MayMonLabour Day - Annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers
9 MayTueVictory and Commemoration Day - Celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany and the end of the World War II / Great Patriotic War
1 JunThursInternational Children's Day - Not a Public Holiday
27 AugSunIndependence Day - Commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on 27 August 1991
31 AugThursNational Language Day (Limba noastră) - Commemorate the mass demonstration in the city of Chișinău to pressured the government of the Moldavian SSR to adopt a language law, which occurred in August 1989
14 OctSatChisinau Capital City's Day - Honoring the patron saint of the locality. Public Holiday just for Chisinau
21 NovTueCahul City Day - Public Holiday for Cahul
25 DecMonChristmas Day - Celebrate the birth of Christ

1 JanFriNew Year's Day
7 JanThursOrthodox Christmas Day
8 JanFriOrthodox Christmas Holiday
7 MarMonBridge Holiday (Public Sector Only. Compensated by 12 March, Saturday)
8 MarTueInternational Women's Day
1 MaySunLabor Day
1 MaySunOrthodox Easter Monday
2 MayMonOrthodox Easter Monday
9 MayMonVictory and Commemoration Day (Celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany and the end of the World War II)
1 JunWedInternational Children's Day
27 AugSatIndependence Day
31 AugWedNational Language Day
14 OctFriChisinau City Day (Public Holiday just for Chisinau)
21 NovMonCahul City Day (Public Holiday for Cahul)
25 DecSunChristmas Day

1 JanMonNew Year's Day
7 JanSunOrthodox Christmas Day
8 JanMonOrthodox Christmas Holiday
8 MarThursInternational Women's Day
8 AprSunOrthodox Easter Monday
9 AprMonOrthodox Easter Monday
1 MayTueLabor Day
9 MayWedVictory and Commemoration Day (Celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany and the end of the World War II)
1 JunFriInternational Children's Day
27 AugMonIndependence Day
31 AugFriNational Language Day
14 OctSunChisinau City Day (Public Holiday just for Chisinau)
21 NovWedCahul City Day (Public Holiday for Cahul)
25 DecTueChristmas Day

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