King Island Show

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King Island is one of the islands that make up the state of Tasmania, Australia. King Island is located in Bass Strait, halfway off the north-western tip of the main island of Tasmania. It is one of the strongest farming areas in Australia and is world-renowned for its high-quality beef, cheese, seafood and wool. King Island is also famous for its pristine beaches.

The island is 64 km long and around 26 km wide at its widest, making it approximately 1,100 km2, and has a permanent population approaching 2000 people.

The southernmost point is called Stokes Point and the northernmost point is called Cape Wickham. There are three small islands surrounding King Island, namely New Year Island and Christmas Island situated to the northwest, and a smaller island called Councillor Island to the east.

King Island was named after Governor King of New South Wales, whose territory at the time included what is now Tasmania. The local government area of the island is King Island Council. The population in 2011 was 1,646.

On the first Tuesday in March, King Island holds the annual Agricultural, Horticultural and Pastoral Society Show at the Currie Showground on King Island’s west coast. The show averages 1800 visitors from the island, the mainland and from tourism.

The show is a public holiday on the island and most people are able to get the day off to enjoy the day out with their family or to show their wares in the many exhibitions and competitions.

At this event, there is no shortage of stunning food to view and eat from every industry on the island, plus the entertainment of horse-riding displays, cattle judging, wool judging, a classic car exhibition, art and craft displays and even pet competitions. It is also a great way for many people to meet up who normally would spend seven days-a-week farming.

The show has run for over 100 years, since 1910, and is one of the big draw cards to King Island each year.

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