Ethiopia Public Holidays

Whether you are a local searching for a short break or an international traveler, Public Holiday Info Portal is here to help you start planning your vacation

A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year. This page contains public holidays sorted by years. Holiday dates may be change from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates. Scroll down to view the national holidays and short description of each holiday.

7 JanSatEthiopian Christmas (Genna) - Also known as Orthodox Christmas Day. Orthodox Church recognises 7 January as the day that Jesus was born
19 JanThursOrthodox Epiphany (Timket) - Orthodox church celebrate Epiphany on on 19 January. Celebrate on 20th Jan on leap years. Celebrates the Three Wise Men's visit to see the newborn Christ by exchanging gifts
2 MarThursVictory of Adwa - Celebrated across Ethiopia on the 1st of March every year, marks the momentous victory that Ethiopia achieved against the invading Italian army on March 1, 1896
14 AprFriEthiopian Good Friday (Siklet) - Is a Orthodox Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary
15 AprSatEthiopian Easter (Fasika) - Also known as Orthodox Easter Day. This is the day when Mary Magdalene found that an empty tomb in the cave in which Jesus had been placed following his death by crucifixion on the Friday before
1 MayMonInternational Labor Day - Annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers
5 MayFriPatriots' Victory Day (Arbegnoch Qen) - Commemorated by Ethiopia every April 6th to give respects to the Ethiopian patriots who fought for the independence of their country’s capital, Addis Ababa on 1941
28 MaySunDownfall of the Derg (National Day) - Commemorates the end of the Marxist junta that ruled the country from 1974 to 1991
25 JunSunEid-ul-Fitr - End of Ramadan. Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (Sawm) to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief
1 SeptFriEid Al Adaha (Arefa) - Feast of the Sacrifice. Commemorates Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son. Date varies on Lunar cycle
11 SeptMonEthiopian New Year (Enkutatash) - Ethiopians and Eritreans celebrate the Ethiopian new year, which is called Enkutatash in the Amharic language spoken in Ethiopia. New year usually falls on 11 September and 12 September on leap years
27 SeptWedMeskel - Commemorates the discovery of the True Cross by Queen Helena in the fourth century by Ethiopia and Eritrea
1 DecFriMoulid - Is the observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which is celebrated in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar

7 JanThursEthiopian Christmas (Genna)
20 JanWedEpiphany (Timket)
2 MarWedVictory of Adwa
29 AprFriEthiopian Good Friday (Siklet)
1 MaySunEthiopian Easter (Fasika)
1 MaySunInternational Labor Day (International observances began with the Haymarket Riot in Chicago)
5 MayThursPatriots' Victory Day (Arbegnoch Qen)
28 MaySatDownfall of the Derg (National Day)
7 JulThursEid al-Fitre (End of Ramadan)
11 SeptSunEthiopian New Year (Enkutatash)
13 SeptTueEid Al Adaha (Arefa)
27 SeptTueMeskel (Finding of the True Cross)
12 DecMonMoulid (Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed)

7 JanSunEthiopian Christmas (Genna)
19 JanFriOrthodox Epiphany (Timket)
2 MarFriVictory of Adwa
6 AprFriEthiopian Good Friday (Siklet)
8 AprSunEthiopian Easter (Fasika)
1 MayTueInternational Labor Day (International observances began with the Haymarket Riot in Chicago)
5 MaySatPatriots' Victory Day (Arbegnoch Qen)
28 MayMonDownfall of the Derg (National Day)
15 JunFriEid al-Fitre (End of Ramadan)
22 AugWedEid Al Adaha (Arefa)
11 SeptTueEthiopian New Year (Enkutatash)
27 SeptThursMeskel (Finding of the True Cross)
20 NovTueMoulid (Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed)

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