South Korea Public Holidays

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A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year. This page contains public holidays sorted by years. Holiday dates may be change from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates. Scroll down to view the national holidays and short description of each holiday.
  • South Korea is located at the South Peninsula of Korea
  • Public holidays in South Korea are commonly know as ‘Red Days’ as this is how they are usually coloured in printed calendars.
  • Public Holidays in South Korea are governed by Labor Standards Act, Act on Establishment of Labor Day and Regulation on Closure Days for Public Offices (Government Decree)
  • If Lunar New Year’s Day (Seollal), Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) and Children’s Day falls on a weekend, it will replaced by following workday.
  • The substitute of Public Holiday effective since middle of 2014 by Korean Government.
  • More information about public holidays in South Korea from the Korea Tourism website


1 JanSunNew Year's Day (신정 ) - First day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar
27 JanFriKorean New Year Holiday (설날) - The first day of the Korean lunar calendar. It is one of the most important of the traditional Korean holidays, and is considered a more important holiday than the Gregorian New Year's Day
28 JanSatKorean New Year Holiday (설날)
29 JanSunKorean New Year Holiday (설날)
30 JanMonKorean New Year Holiday (설날)
1 MarWedMarch 1st Movement (Independence Day) - A nationwide civil protest and was a catalyst for the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (April 13, 1919)
1 MayMonLabour Day - Annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Not an official holiday but widely observed
3 MayWedBuddha's Birthday (석가탄신일) - Also called Bucheonnim Osinnal or Sawol Chopail. The birthday of Gautama Buddha. 8th day of 4th lunar month.
5 MayFriChildren's Day (어린이날) - Children's Day started on May 1, 1922, when 8 persons including Bang Jeong-hwan (방정환) declared the Day and held an anniversary. In 1946, the Day changed to May 5, and became a public holiday in 1975
6 JunTueMemorial Day (현충일) - Commemorates the men and women who died while in military service or in the independence movement.
17 JulMonConstitution Day (제헌절) - Celebrates the promulgation of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea in 1948
15 AugTueLiberation Day (광복절) - Celebrates the national liberation from the Empire of Japan in 1945. On the same day in 1948, the government of the Republic of Korea was established.
3 OctTueNational Foundation Day (개천절) - Celebrates the foundation of Gojoseon, the first state of the Korean nation. According to the Samguk Yusa, Dangun founded Gojoseon on the 3rd day of 10th lunar month, 2333 BC.
3 OctTueHarvest Festival Holiday / Chuseok(추석) - It's a celebration of the harvest and thanksgiving for the bounty of the earth. Family members come from all over the country to visit their ancestral homes. 3 days celebration, October 3-5.
4 OctWedHarvest Festival Holiday / Chuseok(추석) - As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and feast on traditional food
5 OctThursHarvest Festival Holiday / Chuseok(추석)
6 OctFriHarvest Festival Holiday - Substitute day for Chuseok
9 OctMonHangeul Day (한글날) - Commemorates the invention (1443) and the proclamation (1446) of hangul, the native alphabet of the Korean language. Reinstated as a holiday in 2013
20 DecWedPresidential Election Day Presidential Election Day is an official holiday every five years
25 DecMonChristmas Day (크리스마스) - Christians celebrate the birth of Christ

1 JanWedNew Year's Day
30 JanThursSeollal / Korean New Year
31 JanFriSeollal / Korean New Year
1 FebSatSeollal / Korean New Year
1 MarSatIndependence Movement Day
1 MayThursLabour Day
5 MayMonChildren's Day
6 MayTueBuddha's Birthday
6 JunFriMemorial Day
17 JulThursConstitution Day
15 AugFriLiberation Day
7 SeptSunChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
8 SeptMonChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
9 SeptTueChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
10 SeptWedChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving - Substitute Day
3 OctFriNational Foundation Day
9 OctThursHangeul Day
25 DecThursChristmas Day

1 JanThursNew Year's Day
18 FebWedSeollal / Korean New Year
19 FebThursSeollal / Korean New Year
20 FebFriSeollal / Korean New Year
1 MarSunIndependence Movement Day
5 MayTueChildren's Day
25 MayMonBuddha's Birthday
6 JunSatMemorial Day
15 AugSatLiberation Day
26 SeptSatChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
27 SeptSunChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
28 SeptMonChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
29 SeptTueChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving - Substitute Day
3 OctSatNational Foundation Day
9 OctFriHangeul Day
25 DecFriChristmas Day

1 JanFriNew Year's Day
7 FebSunSeollal / Korean New Year
8 FebMonSeollal / Korean New Year
9 FebTueSeollal / Korean New Year
1 MarTueIndependence Movement Day
5 MayThursChildren's Day
14 MaySatBuddha's Birthday
6 JunMonMemorial Day
15 AugMonLiberation Day
14 SeptWedChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
15 SeptThursChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
16 SeptFriChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving
17 SeptSatChuseok / Korean Thanksgiving - Replacement
3 OctMonNational Foundation Day
9 OctSunHangeul Day
25 DecSunChristmas Day

1 JanMonNew Year's Day
16 FebFriKorean New Year Holiday
17 FebSatKorean New Year Holiday (Usually in early February, three days consecutive holiday)
18 FebSunKorean New Year Holiday (Usually in early February, three days consecutive holiday)
19 FebMonKorean New Year Holiday (Substitute day for Seollal)
1 MarThursMarch 1st Movement (Independence Day)
1 MayTueLabour Day (Not an official holiday but widely observed)
5 MaySatChildren's Day
22 MayTueBuddha's Birthday (8th day of 4th lunar month)
6 JunWedMemorial Day
17 JulTueConstitution Day (Celebrates the declaration of the Constitution in 1948)
15 AugWedLiberation Day
23 SeptSunHarvest Festival Holiday (Day before Chuseok)
24 SeptMonHarvest Festival (Chuseok)
25 SeptTueHarvest Festival Holiday (Day after Chuseok)
3 OctWedNational Foundation Day (Commemorates the traditional founding of Korea by Tangun in 2333 BC)
9 OctTueHangeul Day (Korean alphabet day. Reinstated as a holiday in 2013)
25 DecTueChristmas Day

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